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“Discover the Leading Physiotherapy in Redcliffe – Movement Rx: Your Scientific, Patient-Focused & Comprehensive Care Provider!”

Welcome to the cutting-edge world of physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and sports medicine – where advancements are transforming the way we heal and move. At Movement Rx, we’ve embraced this rapid evolution, bringing top-tier, modern physiotherapy to Redcliffe, Australia.

Our approach is centered around scientific assessment and tailored movement intervention, ensuring you receive the highest standard of care. What sets Movement Rx apart is our unwavering commitment to putting patients first, tailoring each treatment to your unique needs and goals.

Join countless satisfied clients who have experienced the transformative results of our individualized, patient-focused approach. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, seeking performance enhancement, or managing a chronic condition, Movement Rx is here to empower you on your journey to optimal health and wellness.

Discover the difference of Movement Rx and why we’re the go-to physiotherapy provider in Redcliffe. Book your appointment today and experience comprehensive, compassionate, and personalized care that sets a new standard in physiotherapy.

What We Do

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Recover Better & Faster!

To perform better you need to recover better, and faster. Athletes and professional sporting organisations now recognise effective recovery increases athletic performance and reduces injury risk. Movement Rx uses the same equipment trusted by the world’s best athletes!

Meet The Directors

Chris Beatton

Chris received his Bachelor of Exercise Science and Master of Physiotherapy from Griffith University in 2007. Since this time Chris has worked in orthopaedic and sports physiotherapy with his clinical experience reaching from recreational athletes through to elite and professional athletes. Chris has worked as a physiotherapist with several professional sporting organizations, lectured internationally, and contributed to published works.


Damian Cocciolone

Damian is an experienced clinician with over a decade working in private practice and sports physiotherapy. He is a co-founder and co-director of Movement Rx. Damian graduated with a Masters of Physiotherapy from Griffith University in 2007. He also has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Griffith University which he completed in 2005. During his studies, Damian was awarded multiple academic achievement awards and graduated as the Dux of the Physiotherapy program.

Damian has extensive Sports Physiotherapy experience having worked directly with various teams throughout his career.

E-Health Consults

Healthcare In The 21st Century...

Telehealth Consults

Movement Rx is dedicated to improving our patient’s lives and believes everyone deserves the highest standard of care. This includes those who live remotely or find travel difficult. The digital age has enabled health practitioners to reach beyond their local communities, giving patients more options in who they choose to consult with. 



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