Blood Flow Restriction Training

By Damian Cocciolone

Research has consistently demonstrated training for muscular fatigue and using high/heavy loads results in optimal muscle strength gains.  Unfortunately, it is not always possible to train to absolute fatigue and/or with high loads.  Particularly when in pain or recovering from injury or surgery.  

Blood flow restriction training involves reducing blood flow to the exercising muscles.  Research has demonstrated blood flow restriction training can significantly increase muscle size and strength using low training loads.  This makes blood flow restriction training an excellent rehabilitation tool.  

In this video you see an elite level Rugby League player who has had multiple Knee surgeries including ACLR and MPFL reconstruction. We are using an occlusion cuff and at a carefully calculated pressure for Blood flow restriction (BFR) training in combination with a biofeedback unit to achieve a threshold of Quadriceps muscle contraction. This allows us to train the muscle at a high intensity without exposing the joint to additional load.

Movement Rx’s physiotherapists have worked with blood flow restriction training for several years, including evaluating and implementing its use in one of the worlds leading orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine centres (The Steadman Clinic). We bring this level of knowledge and experience to our patients in Redcliffe and the Moreton Bay Peninsula.