Re-injury rates following ACLR remain high!

Re-injury rates following ACLR remain alarmingly high. This cohort study (Faltstrom et al, 2021) adds to the abundance of evidence that those who undergo ACLR and return to sport continue to be at a far greater risk of future knee injury.   68% of the female football players that had an ACLR reported a further…

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Tendinopathy Truths

Tendinopathy- refers to a breakdown of collagen within a tendon tissue and a failed healing response. The term tendinopathy is a generic descriptor of the clinical conditions ( both pain and pathological characteristics) associated with overuse in and around tendons.     1.Rest is not the answer! Whilst relative rest (avoidance of aggravating factors), modification…

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AirBands- The future of BFR training is here!

Blood flow restriction training (BFR) involves reducing blood flow to the exercising muscles through the application of specially designed cuffs.  The cuffs are inflated to the point where blood flow is impaired partially in the limbs, subsequent blood pooling in the limb, leads to increase in metabolic waste build up, leading to a cascade of…

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Muscle Injuries

Many of you would be familiar with figure 1 below, that is the classical way that a muscle injury has been described during injury reports on the local sports coverage. ‘What grade is it?’ is a common question you will hear when you tell someone they have a muscle injury (tear). This classification system, can…

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