Re-injury rates following ACLR remain high!

By Damian Cocciolone

Re-injury rates following ACLR remain alarmingly high.

This cohort study (Faltstrom et al, 2021) adds to the abundance of evidence that those who undergo ACLR and return to sport continue to be at a far greater risk of future knee injury.


  1. 68% of the female football players that had an ACLR reported a further knee injury after returning to sport. 42% of those suffered a second ACL injury.
  1. Despite this we know that injury prevention programs work to reduce the risk of primary ACL injury. We also know that a comprehensive rehabilitation program that includes a criterion driven approach to progression, a battery of objective tests to determine return to play reduces the risk of future knee injury. A recovery timeframe that is a minimum 9 months and in recreational and juvenile athletes greater than 12 months will also reduce the risk of future injury.