Movement Rx is passionate about sports physio.  Our physiotherapists have spent years working alongside athletes from all walks of life. From multi-million dollar professionals in the NFL/NBA/EPL/NRL, semi-professional athletes in state leagues, to the weekend warrior, or someone who wants to notch up their first 5km run. At Movement Rx we have your sports needs covered.

True sports physiotherapy requires an understanding of the athlete, differences in age, injury history, training, time in-season, and the athlete’s goals. These factors critically influence decisions making in sports injury management and rehabilitation. Coupled to this, is the requirement to intimately understand the demands of the athlete’s sport, both technically and biomechanically, to deliver a rehabilitation program that gets you back to sport and performing.

Successful sports physiotherapy centers around accurate and early diagnosis, knowing what’s wrong, which results in you starting appropriate treatment as soon as possible. This ensures effective rehabilitation and optimised return to sport timeframes. Simply put this means fewer games missed, reduced risk of re-injury, and restoring pre-injury levels of performance (an often overlooked component). Too often we meet patients who have spent weeks or months trying to work out what is wrong, resulting in lengthy-time out of their sport and sub-optimal recovery. Get it right, early!

Movement Rx’s elite clinical experience treating sporting injuries in combination with our network of Specialist Sports Physicians, Orthopaedic Surgeons, and Strength and Conditioning Coaches/Exercise Physiologists ensures your recovery and return to sport is optimised. We have on-site radiology (X-Ray, Ultrasound, & MRI) available to use if required.

Our ability to assess the athlete in a clinical setting is further bolstered by our partnership with Strength By Numbers AxIT assessment system. This enables us to use technology previously only available to multi-million dollar sports teams or purpose-built sports science laboratories. AxIT technology allows us to measure movement and muscle function efficiently and accurately whilst providing real-time data in a way that is meaningful to you and your recovery. Find out more about AxIT in our technologies section.

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