Sports Specific Screenings


Movement Rx has developed sports specific screenings to help athletes from all walks of life understand their bodies, reduce the risk of injury and help maximise performance.

Using evidenced based testing procedures and protocols individualised for specific sports and positions. We capture data using our state of the art dynamometry, force plates and motion capture video analysis. This combination of testing allows us to highlight area’s of asymmetry, area’s of weakness or sub-optimal athletic movement patterns.

Movement Rx is passionate about empowering athletes! We will discuss your results in detail and provide a written report summarising all data obtained. A follow up appointment is included in the sports specific screening to allow us the time to set up an individualised program and take you step by step through it in ints entirety.

If you would like any additional information about our Sports Specific Screening please contact us on 3180 2829 or email

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