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At Movement Rx, we pride ourselves on offering our patients the latest technologies to better ensure you achieve your goals.


Get assessed like an elite athlete!

We Don't Guess With Your Health & Fitness

If you’re not measuring, you’re guessing. That’s what we believe and is the reason we use the AxIT system. Technology previously only used by elite sports teams now in action at Movement Rx to measure how our clients move.

AxIT helps us to measure baseline movement strength and power data, identify imbalances from side to side, and track progress on your exercise journey toward your goals.

Vald Technology

Unlocking Your Movement Potential with Force Decks


Introducing Force Decks – it’s like having a superhero sidekick for understanding the intricate dance of your body in motion. Whether you’re on the road to recovery, aiming to elevate your performance, or simply aspiring to move with greater ease, Force Decks provide us with remarkable insights into your unique biomechanics


Clinical exercises at your fingertips.

Movement Rx creates your tailored exercise programs using a brand new app called PhysiApp. This technology lets you complete your prescribed rehabilitation program by following crystal-clear, narrated exercise videos.

PhysiApp is completely free to download from the App Store and Google Play Store or can be accessed via your browser. Built-in reminders help you to stay on track towards a better you!

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