AirBands- The future of BFR training is here!

By Damian Cocciolone

Blood flow restriction training (BFR) involves reducing blood flow to the exercising muscles through the application of specially designed cuffs. 

The cuffs are inflated to the point where blood flow is impaired partially in the limbs, subsequent blood pooling in the limb, leads to increase in metabolic waste build up, leading to a cascade of beneficial physiological mechanisms in the body, stimulating exacerbated increases in strength and muscle size through:

  • Higher recruitment of fast twitch muscle fibres
  • Systemic and localised hormone production
  • Increased muscle protein synthesis

Research has demonstrated blood flow restriction training can significantly increase muscle size and strength using low training loads.  This makes blood flow restriction training an excellent rehabilitation tool.

AirBands are the worlds first wireless, automated BFR cuffs that are run via an app on your smartphone/tablet. This allows users the ability to inflate/deflate the cuffs at the press of a button and does not require any cords or attachments to get int the way of your workout/rehabilitation.

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