Vald Force Decks

Maximising Your Recovery Through Evidenced Based Interventions

Enhancing Movement and Performance with Vald Technology Force Plates

At Movement Rx, we have a wealth of experience using Vald technology and its remarkable force plates, bringing the latest advancements to improve movement and performance for everyone, from athletes to those seeking better function in their daily lives.


What are Vald Force Plates?

Think of Vald force plates as high-tech sensors built into a specialised surface. These plates do something pretty cool—they measure how your body interacts with the ground when you move. They capture tiny details about your balance, weight distribution, and how your muscles work together. It’s like having a detailed map of how you move!

How Vald Plates Help You Move Better:

Using Vald force plates is like having a superpower for understanding how your body moves. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, trying to boost your performance, or simply wanting to move better, these plates provide us with incredible insights. They reveal any imbalances or weaknesses and help us create personalized plans to improve how you move. By understanding your unique movement patterns, we can tailor exercises and treatments to get you back to moving the way you want.

At Movement Rx, we’re thrilled to use Vald technology because it means we can offer you more precise and effective ways to enhance your movement, improve performance, and get you feeling your best.






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