Anthony brings a wealth of expertise and a deep-rooted passion for sports-related physiotherapy to his practice. He completed his Masters of Physiotherapy at Griffith University in 2015, following an earlier achievement of a Bachelor of Exercise Science in 2013. Kicking off his career in community rehabilitation in Melbourne, he later returned to the Gold Coast in 2018, driven by a desire to further refine his skills.

His professional journey has been multifaceted, delving into occupational rehabilitation, complex pain management, and musculoskeletal physiotherapy, which eventually led him to specialize in catering to active and sporting populations. Having been involved in diverse sports like football (soccer), cricket, surflifesaving, and athletics from a young age, Anthony possesses a comprehensive understanding of the nuanced demands intrinsic to each sport. This background has honed his ability to comprehend the intricacies of injury prevention and optimal performance in sports and exercise.

Anthony’s career trajectory spans experiences in community rehabilitation, private practice, and complex pain management, providing him with extensive insights into addressing upper, lumbar, and lower limb conditions, along with adeptness in post-surgical rehabilitation protocols.

His continued engagement in football and dedicated exploration in the gym have cultivated a keen interest in addressing conditions related to the shoulder, knee, and ankle, enhancing his expertise in these critical areas.

Beyond his professional commitments, Anthony finds joy in activities like bushwalking, nurturing his garden, immersing himself in live music, and fervently following various forms of football. This holistic approach to life enriches his perspective and resonates in his patient-centered care approach.

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